Unique and different


  • Birch plywood has a strong, beautiful appearance and is an incredibly durable material. It is commonly known for its strength and stability. Three or more layers of Birch are combined to make a single sheet of plywood, reinforcing the strength of the original piece of wood. We have selected the best quality material among a huge range on a world market. The material used is natural and laminated birch. 
  • All plywood boards are program-cut on a СNС machine. This allows for reliable construction and high precision for every item in our production. After that, our team hand-crafts it to perfection, eliminating even the slightest chance of splinters.
  • We provide a 10-year manufacturing warranty to all our customers. 

Safety and comfort

  • Railings provide outstanding support for both kids and adults, the height makes the top bed safe and secure.
  • The clearance between the beds is consistent throughout our models. Evening reading or playing sessions are enjoyable regardless of your height - it's enough to sit comfortably for every family member.
  • Our construction extremely strong and sturdy. Every model was put to the test by our team members to achieve proven safety and support.

Unique design

  • Magic of Wood furniture makes every bedroom so special for kids and adults. Our huge range of collections from minimalistic Scandi to fairy Country and brave Nautica make it easy to find something that will warm your heart.
  • If you are looking to refurnish your kids bedroom - our furniture makes a great present for them, and believe us, they will remember it for their whole lives.

Smart construction

  • These designs were created to suit different bedroom layouts and sizes, leading to a variety of special features we can offer you. Our modular system is extremely handy. 
  • Every bunk bed can be converted into two single beds - so convenient when the kids grow up. You can also easily change the bunk bed into a loft bed by simply removing the bottom bed. Also a fairy design with windows such as The Cottage or Tree House can transform into a more classical bunk bed once your kids outgrow this design. The Family bed is a practical package as it consists of both a double and a single bed in a compact design.
  • For most of our models, the ladder option is available in two positions on the side and at the end, allowing you to create the perfect bed for the layout of your room.