About our product

Product features include:

  • Safe design: The safety of our products, which meet the world's strictest safety standards, is considered in every detail because children are curious, lively, and playful.

  • Functionality: Our furniture is configurable, multifunctional, and designed to optimize a child's room space, catering to their ever-changing needs as they grow. Our products can be reconfigured to meet your needs.
  • Easy to assemble:   Assembly process is very simple, you will only need a basic tool to put it all together.

  • Pure quality materials: We carefully select materials to provide maximum safety for children and to protect the environment. We guarantee that the furniture we supply meets the strictest NZ and AU standards, ensuring your children grow up in a healthy environment.


  • Developing through play: Magic Of Wood believes that play is the primary driver of learning in children. Our goal is to promote children's development through the design of playful products.
  • Playful beds for enhanced learning and quality playtime for kids.

  • Emphasis on quality and craftsmanship: We meticulously select design, finish, and materials, making our furniture extremely durable and strong, ensuring they last a lifetime. This reflects our commitment to true craftsmanship.
  • Eco-friendly standards: Our children's furniture adheres to eco-friendly practices as we use only solid wood materials from environmentally sustainable sources that meet all international safety and health standards.