About us

The impact of our childhood is the most significant of our lives. We are here to make children happy and create the warmest memories about their childhood.

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” Oscar Wilde 

Kids are our biggest inspiration

We work hard to bring all kids’ ideas to life. Our goal is to see your child happy in our Castle design pretending they are the brave knights or playing in Tree House bunk bed. We are constantly working on new ideas and believe your child will find the right bed for them.

Design and engineering

We create and develop the design in software to ensure it will be manufactured in an accurate and precise manner.


After all measurements and details are confirmed, we will put a new concept into production.

Machine and hand crafted

Once it’s cut out in CNC machine our elves work hard on preparing the furniture for kids usage. They sand and round all corners and edges to ensure our products are safe and comfortable for kids.

Assembling and style

All our product come as a kit set. We assemble each product before it’s launched into production to guarantee it’s precise and accurate in assembly. You need a power toll screwdriver to assemble our product.