How do I assemble your furniture?

All of our furniture comes with detailed assembly instructions and all the necessary hardware. You need a power tool screwdriver to ease assembling process.

Do you offer warranties on your products?

Yes, we provide a 5-year warranty on our products. Please find warranty information in our Warranty Policy. We stand by the quality and durability of our products, which is why we offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty. This warranty is a testament to our confidence in the craftsmanship and materials used in our furniture.

Can I return or exchange a product if I change my mind?

We don’t offer change-of-mind returns. Please review our Return and Exchange Policy on our website for detailed instructions on how to initiate a return or exchange and any associated terms and conditions. While we aim to provide you with the best possible experience, we do not accept returns solely for change-of-mind reasons. However, if you encounter any issues with your product or need to exchange it for a different reason, our Return and Exchange Policy offers clear guidelines on how to initiate this process.

What is the lead time from purchasing to delivery?

We take pride in delivering your products promptly and efficiently. Our standard lead time is 2-10 business days depending on the bed model. Also, delivery times may vary slightly depending on your location.

Are any coatings or sealings required for your product?

It can be used as is; however, we'd recommend a kid-friendly varnish to protect the product from marks and stains. While our products are designed to be used as is, adding a kid-friendly varnish such a Aqua clear varnish from Resene can be a smart choice to provide an extra layer of protection against marks and stains, especially in households with children. This varnish can help preserve the beauty and longevity of your furniture. If you have any questions about varnishing or maintaining our products, don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance.

Can be bunk bed, loft bed or triple bed converted into separate beds once kids grow out their bunk bed?

Certainly, our bunk beds, loft beds, and triple beds are designed with versatility in mind. When your kids outgrow the need for a shared sleeping arrangement, you can easily convert these beds into separate ones. To do so, you'll need to purchase a set of additional legs, which are specifically designed for this purpose. This simple modification gives you the flexibility to adapt the beds to your changing needs, ensuring that they continue to serve your family for years to come.

What the weight limit for the top bunk bed or loft bed?

Our top bunk beds and loft beds are built to be exceptionally strong and sturdy, with a weight limit that exceeds 200 kilograms. This robust construction means that our bunk beds are not only suitable for children but also designed to accommodate adults comfortably.

What is the slats you use for your beds/bunk beds?

For our beds and bunk beds, we exclusively use solid NZ pine timber of premium grade for the slats. These slats are exceptionally sturdy and provide extraordinary strength to the bed's overall structure. You can have confidence in the quality and durability of our slats, ensuring a reliable and comfortable sleeping surface for years to come.

What mattress thickness you’d recommend for the bunk beds?

For our bunk beds, we recommend using a mattress with an optimized thickness for kids. This ensures that the top safety rails remain at an appropriate height, promoting safety during sleep. Additionally, using a mattress that is not overly thick provides more space between the beds, allowing you to comfortably sit with your little one and enjoy a reading session. This balance between safety and functionality creates a comfortable and secure sleeping environment for your children.

Can be add-ons such a trundler bed or drawers purchased separately later on?

Yes, you can purchase add-ons such as drawers and a trundler bed separately at a later time. However, there are some considerations:

  • Drawers: You can buy drawers separately, but please keep in mind that you will need to cover the shipping cost for this additional parcel. This allows you to add extra storage to your bunk bed or bed as needed.
  • Trundler Bed: If you plan to purchase a trundler bed separately, it's important to note that is required different front legs for your bunk bed or bed to ensure a proper fit. This adjustment is necessary to accommodate the trundler bed effectively. 

What mattress thickness required for the trundler bed?

To ensure that the trundler bed fits properly underneath our bunk beds or beds, the recommended mattress thickness should not exceed 15 cm. Keeping the mattress within this thickness limit ensures that it can easily slide and fit underneath the bunk bed or bed frame, allowing for a convenient and space-saving sleeping solution.